A little about me. And my bike.

I am an adventurer dedicated to putting one foot in front of the other to explore the world around me. Covering miles is an obsession that allows me to see the people, the communities, the cultures, and the environment of our globe. I am a cyclist. A runner. A retired soccer player. A teacher, a coach, and a writer. With this blog I hope to tell the stories of my travels as I explore on two wheels, and sometimes two feet.

This obsession started with an identity crisis as I retired after an exciting college soccer career. I was left with so many questions about my identity and who I was without soccer or competition. I pulled out the running shoes that I once feared. A constant reminder of two mile Tuesdays and the dreaded supercomputer (steepest hill at UCSD) run/sprint. I took to the roads and discovered that it was relaxing to cover miles and to see the streets from a different perspective. From the roads I found the trails. A tranquil escape from civilization, a way to be one with nature, and the best test to my physical and mental capability. I fell in love.

Flash forward a few years. A masters program, my first full year of teaching, and my obsession for covering miles has extended to two wheels powered by my two feet. This newfound love was caused by a little running injury that required the traditionally feared cross training, but in many ways the injury was a blessing in disguise that led me to fall in love with two wheels again. It’s been quite some time since I was that little blonde girl racing around a BMX track and winning trophies taller than herself. Today I am that same blonde girl with a smile on her face as she climbs mountains and thrives for the feeling of wind in her face as she descends roads as fast as the cars in front of her.

As a teacher, and specifically a teacher of literature, I find that writing is the single most peaceful and purposeful activity I can practice (besides running or cycling of course). I write this blog as a way to share my experiences, to refine my writing and be a student of my own profession. I write this blog to record the roads I travel, the sights that I see, the people that I meet, the food that I eat, and the cultures that I learn from.

Enjoy the ride,

Jamie B

4 thoughts on “A little about me. And my bike.

  1. Wow!! This is great!! Thank you for including us. Kirk is really interested too and he has lots of questions about extratrrestrial archaeology sites LOL


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