Jerusalem: The Epicenter of Modern Religion

I arrived in Jerusalem with some knowledge of religion thanks to a few college courses I managed to struggle through. I was left with a list of familiar words, but no real understanding or appreciation for the religions of our world. However, I left Jerusalem with an incredible experience that expanded my knowledge in ways … More Jerusalem: The Epicenter of Modern Religion

Holy Land of Hummus

Hummus. Pronounced HOOM-uhs. Served as a meal. Warm. With no utensils but a pita. Simple yet completely complex. A political dish, compete with a rich, dated history. Before I came to this country, I constantly heard the words “stay safe” or “be careful” more times than I could count. The news scared people, quite frankly … More Holy Land of Hummus

Hello Israel

שלום ישראל I made it to Israel! A few weeks ago I got a bit of life altering news that I would not be moving to Sacramento to be closer to my boyfriend, Josh, but rather, I would be traveling across the world to Israel. A land that I had so little knowledge about. Honestly, … More Hello Israel