Josh Eats

October 27th marks the beginning of my 24th journey around the sun, and is also the day we celebrate that I have been on one quarter of those journeys with Josh by my side. Today marks six incredible years, six times we have embarked around the sun together. We have trekked across oceans, climbed mountains, saved lots of goals, taught some kids English, laughed hysterically, cried, and grown together.

So to celebrate the times we have had and the times to come, it seems fitting to share one of my favorite galleries that I have been collecting for the past six years. Here is a gallery of Josh eating across the globe. I call him the “human garbage disposal.” You can depend on him to clean your plate, to encourage you to order extra, to always be up for a snack, and to taste test anything and everything. Catch him in action, from endless ham and cheese croissants in Spain, to London and Morocco, to PB and J’s in the French alps, shawarma in Israel, and the greatest smile to go along with it.

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